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Pinellas County is starting an oyster shell recycling program

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Do you love to eat oysters? Do you love Florida's coastline? Lucky for you if you do! You can contribute to restoring Pinellas County coasts and enhancing our ecosystem by eating local. Bay Area restaurants are now participating in Pinellas County's new Oyster Shell Recycling Program by helping clean the water with less waste.

These restaurants will be participating in the program:

  • The Island Grille & Raw Bar
  • The Helm Provisions & Coastal Fare
  • Hookin' Ain't Easy
  • Coco's Crush Bar
  • Bar Fly
  • P.J.'s Oyster Bar
  • The Tides Seafood Market & Provisions
  • RumFish Grill
  • Tiki Docks
  • The Oyster Bar
  • The Original Crabby Bill's
  • Crabby Bill's St. Pete Beach

There is no reason for discarded oyster shells to be sent to a landfill when they can be recycled to create marine habitats that promote biodiversity, improve water quality and help protect shorelines from erosion. By partnering with local restaurants to recycle and repurpose oyster shells, the goal is to rehabilitate local oyster populations in and around Tampa Bay. Since the 1950s, more than 85 percent of the oyster communities in Tampa Bay have been lost due to dredging, harvesting and decline.

Learn more at at the link below!