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Blue-green algae concerns in Lake Uihlein postpone fishing tournament

Lakewood Ranch's Youth and Teen Fishing Tournament will take place in October as Lake Uihlein undergoes treatment.

The annual Youth and Teen Fishing Tournament has been moved to October due to blue-green algae blooms in Lake Uihlein in Lakewood Ranch.

Blue-green algae, or cyanobacteria, occur in freshwater areas in Florida.

According to Protecting Florida Together, sunny days, warm water temperatures, still water conditions and an ample amount of nutrients are some environmental factors that contribute to blue-green algae blooms.

Lisa Boutote, the district office manager for Lakewood Ranch Inter-District Authority, said the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission tested the water and found blue-green algae present in the lake. The IDA is working with the FWC and the Florida Department of Health-Manatee to ensure it is following all testing and treatment protocols.

Boutote said the blue-green algae can be present in the dirt or water and remain dormant for a long time before rising to the top and causing a discoloration in the water and possibly produce floating mats of algae.

Lake Uihlein is a privately owned lake, and as a result, state agencies are limited in how they can assist the IDA, Boutote said.

The IDA’s pond maintenance team continues to test and treat the lake, and signs advising people of the risks of the algae have been posted along the lake.