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New proposal would allow for water line extensions in rural Hillsborough County

ODESSA – A new proposal would allow water and wastewater line connections in rural areas of Hillsborough County.

County planners say concerns from stakeholders are part of what’s inspiring a change to a current policy that only allows for wells and septic tanks.

“These changes are based on some concerns that were raised about the impacts of septic tanks, particularly concentrating a large number of septic tanks to one area,” said Melissa Zornitta, Executive Director of the Hillsborough County Planning Commission.

Hillsborough County’s current policy only allows water line extensions to rural areas under certain conditions.

“If there is a health issue like somebody’s well has gone bad or if there’s a school in the area,” Zornitta shared.

Odessa’s Keystone community is one location that would be affected. Resident Melissa Nordbeck fears the change would lead developers to build more projects.