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Pinellas County residents warned to prepare for coastal flooding on Tuesday

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The current forecast from the National Weather Service projects high winds, thunderstorms and coastal flooding for Pinellas County on Tuesday [Jan. 9th].

Coastal residents and businesses are advised to prepare for potential localized flooding. The current forecast is similar to the storm that caused coastal flooding on December 16 of last year.

Pinellas County will not be distributing sandbags to the general public. Municipal residents should check with their local municipality for availability.

  • If you’re in a low-lying coastal area that has flooded in the past, especially from storms like the recent no-name storm in December or from Hurricanes Idalia or Eta, protect items in your home and move vehicles to higher ground.
  • If your home begins to flood, get onto a higher surface, like a bed or counter. Do not go outside, the water will be deeper and may have debris flowing in it or be electrically charged from downed power lines.
  • Don’t drive in flooded areas. Wake from vehicles traveling on flooded roads causes more property damage than the rising water alone.
  • Stay out of flood waters. Flood waters contain potential health hazards and hidden dangers including bacteria, dangerous wildlife and submerged hazards.
  • Follow local media outlets, tune in to NOAA weather radio stations and continue to follow Pinellas County at, Facebook, Twitter and Nextdoor.
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