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Oil spill at SeaPort Manatee prompts Coast Guard investigation

MANATEE COUNTY – SeaPort Manatee is under investigation by the Coast Guard after a crude oil leak.

The Coast Guard was notified of the contamination Friday morning by a member of their National Response Center.

Nicole Groll is the public information officer for the Coast Guard Tampa Bay and said crews immediately went into action after learning of the crude oil leak.

"Initially, about 1,400 feet of boom was deployed around the area, and then contractors were enlisted to help our on-scene responders," Groll said

Since Friday, Groll said nearly 15,000 gallons of the oil and water mixture have been recovered, and the oil has been contained to the facility..

Pollution responders are also working to clean off any ship hulls that were impacted by the oil.

Groll said the spill happened at Berth 9 near the parking lot area.

"The pollution cleanup folks, they will either vacuum it all up to either transport it to dispose of it safely," Groll said.