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Plant City Utilities Department wins awards at Florida Water Resources Conference

“Only rain should go down that drain,” said Super Murph (a.k.a. Plant City Utilities Chief Plant Operator Patrick Murphy) in an entertaining and informative YouTube video about not dumping leaves or debris in storm drains.

The video, one of the “Conserving Water for a Cleaner Plant City” series of public service announcements produced by Fryed Egg Productions last year to provide residents with tips aimed to help them do their part and follow best practices to support the City’s water supply, helped Plant City earn a Public Education Award at the Florida Water Resources Conference.

Other video topics included: grease management, irrigation, Florida-friendly landscaping and storm drain maintenance.

The award recognizes events/campaigns for significant accomplishments that foster and support the development of public outreach programs as well as integrate public education.

That’s exactly what the videos do; break down the complex water and wastewater treatment processes to make it easy to understand and teach residents how to do their part to maintain the water supply.

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