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Tampa tests non-invasive ultrasonic technology to reduce toxic algae

Through a state grant, the city of Tampa is testing the use of sonic sound waves to reduce toxic blue-green algae in the city's reservoir.

TAMPA – With the likelihood of the global climate pattern known as El Niño producing weather conditions this year that cause toxic blue-green algae to thrive in Florida's lakes, rivers and reservoirs, the Tampa Water Department is taking part in a two-year pilot program to test a new technology.

The city is using two ultrasonic buoys developed by LGSonic, a company based in Holland, to reduce blue-green algae growth in the Hillsborough River reservoir, the city's main source of drinking water.

The ultrasonic sound waves emitted by the buoys will block the algae’s access to sunlight and nutrients, causing the algae to sink to the bottom and die off without releasing toxins.