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WUSF ”The Price of Plenty“ series focuses on phosphates in Florida

Phosphate processing plants in the greater Tampa Bay region have caused some of Florida's worst environmental disasters. Accidents like the spill at the former Piney Point plant fill the history books in Florida. WUSF's series "The Price of Plenty" explores the impacts of the industry. Read these stories by visiting the link below.

When the storm hits

  • How vulnerable are the southeast’s phosphate plants, mines and mountains of waste to stronger rains and hurricanes?

Living in the ‘Sacrifice Zone’

  • Along one section of the Mississippi River, three massive fertilizer plants contribute to industrial pollution in Louisiana communities.

Fixed on nitrogen

  • One of the most common elements in the universe, nitrogen is also a crucial ingredient in fertilizer. All living things need it to survive. But it can kill, too.

Florida's hidden backbone

  • Abundant phosphate reserves made the Sunshine State a key player in the global fertilizer industry — leading to both riches and sacrifices.