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Testing underway after sanitary sewer overflow in John’s Pass area

PINELLAS COUNTY – Pinellas County officials are staying on top of a spill near John’s Pass this week and say a shovel is to blame.

Pinellas County Utilities responded to a sanitary sewer overflow Tuesday in the John’s Pass area. According to the county, the overflow was about 7,400 gallons due to a shovel blocking a sewer gravity main.

County Utilities said crews took swift action to protect public health, like posting signs.

Pinellas County Utilities said their top priority is to ensure our community's health and safety and protect our natural resources.

Pinellas County Utilities shared the following statement:

"On February 23, Pinellas County Utilities received test results from water quality samples taken on February 22. These results were from samples collected at four locations, and two of the four samples indicated that bacteriological levels were not within regulatory limits. Therefore, precautionary signs will remain posted, which means the impacted water is not within water quality standards. Pinellas County Utilities collected additional samples today and will provide an update to the Florida Department of Environmental Protection in the next reporting period. Precautionary signs will remain in place until all test results indicate that water is cleared for recreational activities."