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City stormwater project has people sleepless in South Tampa

TAMPA – Yards are torn up, dirt is piled up and heavy machinery is at work on Averill Avenue in South Tampa.

“There have been power lines out, water lines knocked out, utilities, mailboxes knocked down, people coming before work hours are loud, using machinery,” Elisa Ashby said.

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The City of Tampa says the work is part of the Lower Peninsula Stormwater Improvement project.

The project was approved by the city in 2016 and will have a number of benefits.

The city lists a number of improvements the project will provide:

  • Reduction of flooding in the mostly residential areas within the watershed
  • Reduction of pollutants loading into Hillsborough Bay through water quality enhancements and green infrastructure
  • Restore, enhance, and preserve the natural environment of MacDill 48 Park to improve wildlife habitation and reduce the hazard of brush fires
  • Passive park amenities within the MacDill 48 Park, including nature and bike trails and other passive park improvements