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In response to growth, Manatee seeks to expand reclaimed water supply

Manatee County is doing research on a possible reclaimed water partnership with the city of Bradenton.

As new housing developments continue to spring up, Manatee County is researching more ways to provide reclaimed water for irrigation purposes.

Kevin Morris, the county’s deputy director of utilities, said that research includes the possibility of connecting reclaimed water lines with the city of Bradenton.

New pipes could allow the city, which often has a reserve, to provide reclaimed water to the county.

While Morris said the county has not encountered any issues yet with storing enough reclaimed water, he said a possible shortfall is projected by 2040.

The county already holds a significant amount of reclaimed water in lakes, ponds and deep injection wells.

However, the project would allow additional developments to tap into the county’s transmission mains. Morris said as new developments emerge, smaller pipes are constantly being added to feed them irrigation water.