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FWC Harmful Algal Bloom Grant Program funds three projects

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The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission’s (FWC) Fish and Wildlife Research Institute’s Harmful Algal Bloom Grant Program has awarded funding to three projects to address research related to Karenia brevis. The HAB Grant Program supports projects that address recommendations of the HAB Task Force.

Title: Composite Red Tide Vulnerability Index (CRTVI): Assessing and communicating vulnerability of coastal communities to Red Tide in Florida

Principal Investigator: Christa D. Court, University of Florida

Co-Principal Investigators: Lisa Krimsky, Angie Lindsey, Andrew Ropicki and Ricky Telg, University of Florida; David Yoskowitz, Harte Research Institute

Summary: This project leverages recent research results quantifying the socioeconomic, health and environmental impacts of red tide events to develop a Composite Red Tide Vulnerability Index that can quantify the vulnerability of coastal communities in Florida to the impacts of red tide events. The CRTVI can increase general awareness and be used as an objective criterion to help decision-makers both identify areas that are more vulnerable to impacts stemming from red tide events and design systems to better prepare for, respond to and mitigate red tide event impacts.

Award: $295,304, January 2023-June 2024

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Title: Developing a Physical-Biological Model of Karenia brevis Red Tide for the West Florida Shelf

Principal Investigator: Yonggang Liu, University of South Florida

Summary: This project partners the University of South Florida Ocean Circulation Lab with FWRI HAB Researchers to develop a physical-biological model of Karenia brevis red tide for the West Florida Shelf, with a long-term goal of being able to simulate and forecast red tide.

Award: $299,349, January 2023-June 2024

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Title: A land-based shellfish depuration mitigation strategy to increase business opportunities and reduce economic losses associated with extended lease closures following red tide exposure

Principal Investigator: Dana Wetzel, Mote Marine Laboratory

Co-Principal Investigators: Tracy Sherwood, Mote Marine Laboratory

Summary: This project aims to develop feasible land-based depuration protocols that allow shellfish farmers in red tide-impacted regions to have the chance to regain their crops and thereby sustain shellfish production.

Award: $246,326, January 2023-June 2024

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