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Regional Planning Council reveals proposed solutions for Tampa Bay area flooding

TAMPA – As flooding risks rise in the Tampa Bay area environmental experts and local leaders say they're learning to work with mother nature.

"In mankind's argument with nature, mankind loses 100% of the time," said St. Petersburg Public Works Director Mike Clarke.

Recently they gathered at an event held by the Tampa Bay Regional Planning Council (TBRPC) to share ideas and reveal the results of a flood study that focused on three spots in the region.

"We believe that these projects and what comes out of them and the progress from them can then be replicated in other regions throughout the community," said TBRPC Executive Director Sean Sullivan.

The study found that inland flooding west of Busch Gardens could be fixed by creating a "stormwater park" with walking trails for when things are dry and connected ponds to catch floodwaters after heavy rain.

In Oldsmar, researchers found that raising roads and homes higher off the ground, building berms and creating "floodable medians" or bioswales would help manage rising sea levels.