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Hillsborough County map now places many residents in new evacuation zones

2022 Evacuation Zone Map has about 75,000 residents in an evacuation zone for the first time

Many Hillsborough County residents, including those who live in a large area in East Tampa, are included in a storm evacuation zone for the first time this year.

Using 2020 U.S. Census data and the latest Sea, Lake, and Overland Surges from Hurricanes (SLOSH) model from the National Hurricane Center, Hillsborough County has updated its evacuation zones for the 2022 hurricane season, which began June 1. There are almost 75,000 residents who will be in an evacuation zone for the first time based on the updated data.

Hillsborough residents can learn which evacuation zone their home is in by visiting

East Tampa had biggest changes

The biggest map change is in East Tampa. The area roughly bordered by the Hillsborough River to the north, Harney Road to the east, I-4 to the south, and I-275 to the west. Previously not in an evacuation zone, this area has been moved into Zone E.

For the first time, 55,000 residents who were formerly in an evacuation zone find their neighborhood now outside of an evacuation zone.

Based on the 2020 Census data, the updated evacuation zones see:

  • Residents with no change: 1,289,604 (88.3 percent of Hillsborough's population)
  • Residents moved to a higher zone (for example from A to B): 107,334 (7.4 percent)
  • Residents moved to a lower zone (for example from B to A): 62,824 (4.3 percent)

All residents living in mobile homes are included in Evacuation Zone A regardless of the location of their home. Storm evacuations get residents out of the storm surge path, but mobile homes are not designed to withstand the wind from storms. Therefore, those residents are asked to evacuate with Zone A.

Prepare for storms

Residents are urged to begin preparations for storm season now. Review evacuation zones and prepare a disaster kit for an evacuation or for a prolonged power outage. Check on elderly neighbors and family members to make sure they also have a plan.

Go to? more information on how to prepare for storm season.

Sign up for alerts

When checking on the updated evacuation zones, residents are also encouraged to sign up for HCFL Alert, Hillsborough County's official notification system, at?

Residents are reminded that Evacuation Zones and Flood Zones are?two different maps?that measure different conditions. It is important to know the difference before storm season arrives.

Link:?Map of 2022 evacuation zones compared to 2021