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New Hillsborough County fertilizer ban goes into effect June 1st

TAMPA – A new fertilizer ban in Hillsborough County goes into effect next week. It is the latest county here in the region to crack down on nutrient pollution leaking into Tampa Bay.

The same thing that can fuel growth in your yard can also help algae grow in the water. Large blooms of red tide have caused massive fish kills in Tampa Bay, and algae blooms on the east coast have killed off seagrass, contributing to a record number of manatee deaths last year.

There is a link between what is being used on people’s lawns and the nutrients seeping into the waterways through stormwater.

"Fertilizer use isn't inherently bad. The improper use of fertilizer is where issues come up," said Kate Kaste, Florida-Friendly Landscaping Program Coordinator with the University of Florida IFAS extension office for Pasco County.