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Tampa City Council approves funding for infrastructure improvements

City officials say the work will create lasting improvements for years to come.

TAMPA – On Thursday, Tampa City Council members unanimously passed an agreement between the city and Kiewit Infrastructure South Co. for $21 million.

It’s part of the first phase of the Foundation for Tampa’s Neighborhoods. The goal of the project is to bring water, wastewater, stormwater and roadway improvements to multiple neighborhoods within city limits.

Joyce Mitchelle has lived in the East Tampa area her whole life. She said she deals with water issues and roadway problems on a regular basis and so do her neighbors. She also said these infrastructure improvements are greatly needed.

“If they will do the full project and do it right, it will be great for the neighborhood and for the future kids of this generation," said Mitchelle.

The improvements will be made in East Tampa, Forest Hills, Macfarlane Park and Virginia Park. The work will begin in East Tampa and MacFarlane Park.