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Bradenton’s Ward Five to get much-needed drainage project

BRADENTON – It’s not an instant fix, but the Eastside Drainage Project in Ward Five stands to make a lot of people happy. The project will expand an existing stormwater system and re-route stormwater away from an overburdened 10th Ave. E. pond that floods 22 homes. The project will create a new drainage system to the northwest.

The goal of this project is to improve the quality of life for the residents along 10th Ave. E. by redirecting stormwater away from the pond on their street and to a new stormwater system with the space and capacity to relieve more than half of the stormwater runoff that has flooded their homes and streets for far too long.

Currently, 10th Ave. E. sees approximately 18 inches of water or more three to four times a year as the existing downstream storm system is inadequate to accommodate the flow.

Phase I will consist of design and permitting, and then Phase 2 will see the construction of the pond and storm system. Public outreach and input will be key components to the success of the project.

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