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Pinellas County convenes Sustainability and Resiliency Advisory Committee

Pinellas County is convening an expansive and diverse advisory committee that will help finalize the County’s first Sustainability and Resiliency Action Plan over the next several months.

The 23-member Sustainability and Resiliency Advisory Committee, filled through appointments by County Administrator Barry A. Burton, includes representatives from a cross section of Pinellas County. Each member brings unique experiences, perspectives and interests to the challenges at hand.

Scheduled for completion this summer, the Sustainability and Resiliency Action Plan will set the foundation for how the County Commission will establish sustainability and resiliency policies and initiatives. The plan will also prioritize the economic and social case for environmental stewardship, community resiliency, hazard mitigation, and climate change adaptation, including cost savings and economic opportunity.

In addition to the advisory committee, the County conducted a public input survey on sustainability and resiliency issues last fall, resulting in nearly 1,300 survey responses. The results of the survey will also help shape the action plan.

“It’s critical that we hear from our community as we develop the Sustainability and Resiliency Action Plan,” said Hank Hodde, Pinellas County’s Sustainability and Resiliency Program Coordinator. “We’re grateful for the support of this committee to help ensure that the plan is not only guided by expertise, but also addresses the perspectives and priorities of all corners of our community.”

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