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Manatee County seeking Environmental Land Management & Acquisition Committee members

MANATEE COUNTY – Manatee County residents who want to help protect land and water resources — working with willing sellers to preserve fish and wildlife habitat and provide for passive recreation — are invited to apply for a host of positions now available on the Environmental Lands Management and Acquisition Committee (ELMAC).

The Environmental Lands Program has been working on implementation of the community-initiated Conservation and Parks Projects Referendum that was approved by voters in November of 2020, authorizing up to $50M in tax proceeds for the acquisition, improvement, and management of land to protect natural resources and provide parks.?

There are twelve (12) vacancies on the citizen’s advisory committee, which makes recommendations to the Board of County Commissioners on environmental land acquisition and management issues, including recreational planning and programming of public lands.

The ELMAC also serves as the Tree Advisory Board to promote awareness of the County-wide tree canopy and tree education programs.

The vacancies on the committee are for the following seats:

  • A member with education in a natural science (3-year initial term)
  • A member engaged in business with the agricultural community (3-year initial term)
  • A member who represents Keep Manatee Beautiful, Inc. (1-year initial term)
  • A member recommended by the Manatee Chamber of Commerce (1-year initial term)
  • Three (3) members who are residents of Manatee County (2-year initial term)
  • A member who resides in District 1 (2-year initial term)
  • A member who resides in District 2 (2-year initial term)
  • A member who resides in District 3 (2-year initial term)
  • A member who resides in District 4 (2-year initial term)
  • A member who resides in District 5 (2-year initial term)

Members are appointed by the Board for initial terms of service of one, two or three years, as indicated above in parentheses. All terms after the initial term are for 3 years, with re-appointment at the discretion of the Board.

Prospective board members can find out what their residential district is at

The ELMAC meets on the first Monday of every other month at 6:00pm in the Movie Room at GT Bray, 5502 33rd Avenue Drive West, Bradenton, FL 34209.

Learn more information about the ELMAC here. For more details or assistance with an application, call ELMAC Liaison Debra Woithe at (941) 742-5923 x6052 or email at

Applications are due Feb, 18, 2022 and may be found online.

For more information on Manatee County Government, visit or call (941) 748-4501. Follow us on Facebook at and on Twitter @ManateeGov.