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Tampa Water Department planning to implement innovative new water purification process

The Tampa Water Department has just completed an innovative pilot project that when constructed on a full scale will produce cleaner water, purified with fewer chemicals and save nearly $4M in annual costs.

Suspended Ion Exchange (SIX) is an innovative technology that is designed to provide a safe, cost-effective way to remove Total Organic Carbon (TOC) from our water sources.

The technology was developed in the Netherlands and has been successfully implemented in water treatment facilities around the world. It offers a cost-effective solution to safely and reliably produce high-quality drinking water while reducing both the type and quantities of chemicals used in the treatment process.

Tampa's main water source is the Hillsborough River and it's purified into drinking water at the Tippin Water Treatment Facility in Tampa, which is a surface water plant.

Suspended Ion Exchange works by mixing a resin compound with the raw water from the Hillsborough River as the first part of the water treatment process. The ions in the resin help remove total organic carbon and alkalinity.