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Hillsborough County leaders aim to limit fertilizer use during the rainy season to prevent red tide

HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY – Leaders in Hillsborough County are taking the next step in trying to stop future environmental disasters like the spill at Piney Point. Commissioners are looking to regulate fertilizer use during the rainy season.

Hillsborough County has not had any rules about fertilizer use during the rainy season, unlike the City of Tampa and Pinellas County.

County leaders are concerned a lack of regulation could have a negative impact on our environment.

Biologists say excess fertilizer runoff into our waterways can cause high concentrations of nutrients, in particular, nitrogen and phosphorus. That can cause dangerous algae blooms that pollute water and kill plants and animals.

Hillsborough County leaders are drafting an ordinance to would limit fertilizer use from June through November, which is the entirety of hurricane season in Florida. They say this is critical to protecting our waterways and stopping further spills like Piney Point.