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Elsa adds 9 million gallons of stormwater to Piney Point pools

MANATEE COUNTY — With Tuesday night's heavy storm, the Piney Point phosphate facility gained over over 9 million gallons of stormwater in its pools.

“Leading up to hurricane season, we were working to get enough water out to accommodate the rainfall,” said Manatee County Administrator Dr. Scott Hopes.

Hopes says Piney Point has been continually pumping the facility's stormwater into the county's stormwater system, in an effort to prevent another leak.

“We are continually testing to make sure the only water in our stormwater system is just stormwater, not Piney Point processed water,” said Hopes.

Even though stormwater is cleaner than the water that was dumped out back in April, environmentalists say it still causes issues for the Bay.