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Manatee County water safe to consume; discoloration caused by treatment modifications

Some north Manatee residents may see discolored tap water, but it's safe to drink

MANATEE COUNTY – Manatee County Utilities Department says recent adjustments to the water treatment process has caused some County utility customers -- many of whom live in in Parrish and near Palmetto -- to see discolored water coming from the tap. Utilities officials say the water meets drinking water standards and remains safe to consume.

The discolored water comes as the result of modifications being made to the water treatment process in recent months at the Manatee County Water Treatment Plant. Portions of the plant were taken offline and after being reconnected, some discoloration occurred for many customers in north Manatee County.

Efforts are underway to address the discoloration by adjusting chemical balances in the water. Utilities officials say it may take some time for discolored water in the system to work its way through to the tap, even after the water leaving the treatment plant is back to normal.

Manatee County Utilities customers will always receive a notification if and when there are any safety concerns with the water. The public’s trust in our water supply is of utmost importance to Manatee County. Customers with questions can call Customer Service at (941) 792-8811.