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Hillsborough Sheriff dive team part of enhanced Super Boal security

TAMPA – In the water behind the Tampa Convention Center, members of the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office have been in the water preparing for Super Bowl LV.

As the big game grows closer, law enforcement is stepping up its security efforts on land and in the water.

Michael Lemoine operates a boat rental business at the marina and spoke with members of the dive team.

“They came over and said we are going to be in the water for about an hour in this little section right here and keep an eye out for us if you will and so we just made sure none of our boats got too close to where they were,” Lemoine explained.

“Every day I’ve been down here I’ve been seeing the policemen on the horses, I’ve seen dive teams in the water checking out the sea walls and the docks,” he added. “The police force is out here and I feel like they are stepping up their game and doing a good job for sure.”

The dive team also inspected the area near Julian B. Lane Park on the Hillsborough River. The park is the location of the Super Bowl Experience. The dive team was also seen in the water at bridges going over the Hillsborough River.