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Commissioners enacting new water restrictions for South Hillsborough on January 4

HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY — Hillsborough leaders are issuing a warning, saying that new housing developments are going up faster than Tampa Bay Water can handle the demand in Southern Hillsborough County. Now, county commissioners have approved water restrictions for that area that start on January 4.

Commissioners say families are already feeling the effects of problems like low-water pressure during high-demand times. Now, commissioners say there is a constant threat of boil water notices, which happen when water pressure dips too low.

"The new development is just one more price our residents pay for this county allowing development to overwhelm our infrastructure," said Commissioner Mariella Smith in a recent meeting of the county commission.

In addition, county leaders say the low water pressure problems could end up affecting the ability of fire crews to put out a fire in those areas.

View the official ordinance on new water restrictions in South County