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Act now to prevent flooding

It's Never Too Early to Plan for Flooding

Flooding is the most costly and repetitive natural disaster affecting Hillsborough County. While residents are typically affected by inland flooding near lakes and in areas with low-lying elevations, flooding along rivers and coastal tidal surge are not uncommon. Flooding can occur anytime and anywhere when heavy or steady rain occurs.

Here are six ways to prepare your property for floods:

  1. Know your flood hazard by obtaining or reviewing the flood map for your area.
  2. Consider flood insurance to help protect you from the financial devastation caused by floods. Flood damage is not usually covered by homeowners insurance.
  3. Stay safe by preparing a disaster response plan for your family and signing up for emergency alerts.
  4. Protect your property by floodproofing or retrofitting to reduce common flood damage.
  5. Build responsibly by always contacting your local building office to obtain required permits prior to doing any type of building or land alterations.
  6. Help protect natural floodplains by reporting illegal dumping or illegal land clearing.