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Business owners along Kennedy Blvd. fed up with continuous flooding

TAMPA — As any person who lives in Tampa Bay knows, when it rains, it pours. And if you live near Kennedy Blvd, it often floods.

Business owners along the major road are fed up with the flooding, and they want it fixed.

“Every time there’s a little rain, we have to pray that we don’t get flooded,” said Giancarlo Giusti, the owner of Modulo, a design studio at the corner of Rome Ave. and North A St. in Tampa.

Giusti has got hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of equipment inside his warehouse.

“Welding machines, laser colors, water jets, so every time it rains a little bit, for two hours, three hours, we get the water up to four inches inside the space here and we feel like we’re gonna lose our business,” said Giusti.