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Manatee County opens Canopy Zone at Robinson Preserve

MANATEE COUNTY – An exciting new Canopy Zone feature is now open at Manatee County’s Robinson Preserve, allowing visitors to experience nature from a fresh perspective while exploring amidst the treetops.

Situated at the edge of the historic Reasoner Tract at Robinson Preserve South, the Canopy Zone is nestled among century-old botanical giants that once formed the test plot for Royal Palm Nurseries. Follow the boardwalk as it extends past the Mosaic Center for Nature, Exploration, Science and Technology (the NEST) and find yourself climbing among the limbs and leaves

The project was designed by Stantec Engineering and built by Tandem Construction, taking inspiration from the natural elements surrounding it. Thanks to careful planning, the Canopy Zone was built amongst the existing trees, allowing for a densely shaded environment and a cool experience to combat the summer heat. The boardwalk features LED lighting allowing it to be used for staff-guided evening programs for the public and permitted special events.