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Report: Tampa Bay, Sarasota-Bradenton metros most at risk for storm surge

As Florida prepares to enter its hurricane season on June 1, Tampa and Bradenton have ranked among the metropolitan areas most at risk for storm surges.

In a report from CoreLogic, an Irvine, California-based provider of property data, Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater ranked as the third most at risk for single-family residences and the fifth most at risk for multifamily. North Port-Sarasota-Bradenton ranked as the eighth most at risk metro for single-family residences and came in at No. 11 for multifamily residences.

The metros were ranked on two categories:

  • The numbers of residences at risk
  • The estimated reconstruction cost value (RCV), which is calculated using the combined cost of construction materials as well as equipment and labor assuming total (100 percent) destruction of the property

The Tampa metro has 466,444 single-family residences at risk of storm surges with an estimated cost of $83.42 billion in RCVs. For multifamily residences, the Tampa metro has 12,068 at risk with an estimated RCV of $3.29 billion.

The Bradenton metro has about 266,719 single-family residences at risk with an estimated RCV of $53.76 billion. For multifamily, the Bradenton metro has 3,248 residences at risk with an estimated RCV of $0.87 billion.