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Pinellas County looking to buy Baypointe Golf Course and transform it into stormwater area

The course closed in 2016 and has been abandoned

SEMINOLE, Fla. — Pinellas County is looking to buy the abandoned Baypointe Golf Course in Seminole and turn it into a regional stormwater park.

The property would include a stormwater drainage basin. County flood maps show a history of flooding near the course within the last few hundred years.

The Baypointe Golf Course is basically an average quality par three course comprising 18 holes, according to a county appraisal report. The golf course and club were reportedly closed in October 2016. The property is a little more than 40 acres.

Baypointe Golf Course has fallen into deep disrepair, with lots of overgrown plants and several buildings now boarded up. The county has deemed it not up to code and has placed "No Trespassing" signs up to deter people from coming up to the property.

The purchase price is around $1.2M, according to county contracts. County Commissioners are set to approve this purchase at their regular meeting on January 14.