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Holmes Beach moves stormwater tax hike to a vote

The Holmes Beach commission is looking for the most efficient way to combat rising sea levels and flooding.

City engineer Lynn Burnett gave a presentation Nov. 19 on resiliency and sea level rise during a work session at city hall.

She said the city could file an appropriations bill during the state legislative session in Tallahassee in January, asking for $3 million to fund stormwater flooding reduction measures and to bury utilities.

Burnett said state Rep. Will Robinson, R-Bradenton, could sponsor the bill.

If approved by the state, the measure would entitle the city to a 100% payoff with no requirements for matching funds.

The commission directed Burnett to proceed with the appropriations request.

Following the presentation, Burnett revisited her request that the commission consider raising the annual stormwater management fee to increase funding for resiliency efforts.

With a show of hands, the commission voted 4-1 to move the measure to first reading to raise the fee from $1.68 per 100 square feet to $4.40, falling in line with Bradenton Beach’s stormwater tax.