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How to keep your dog safe from deadly blue-green algae

It was a sad weekend for a few dog owners as they thought they were just bringing their dog for a fun day at the lake. Within a few hours, four dogs in two different southern states died due to a common toxin in Florida known as blue-green algae.

In Georgia, a border collie named Arya died in less than an hour after being brought to a lake. While the pup loved playing in the water, her owners didn't realize it would be her last time as she started vomiting and was brain dead by the time they reached the emergency room.

The vet said it was "most likely" caused from a lake toxin like blue-green algae.

In North Carolina, a pet parent is also warning others after her three dogs died within three hours of exposure to a lake. The dogs began seizing when she started giving them a bath and she rushed them to an emergency vet.

The vet later told it was cyanobacteria, or blue-green algae, which caused it.