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Tampa withdraws request for 'Toilet to Tap' funding

The city of Tampa has withdrawn its request for $1.6 million to pay for a study of injecting reclaimed wastewater into the underground aquifer - so it could be used again. The city took the request off the table at a recent meeting of Tampa Bay Water, the area's regional water supply authority.

Tampa City Councilman Charlie Miranda, who sits on the board, said they need an extra year to do a study of TAP, the Tampa Augmentation Project.

Miranda told the board the city will do the study itself, and come back for the board's input when it is 60% completed.

The agreement was intitially approved by the board, but the City of Tampa was not amenable to the terms. The city then withdrew the Tampa Augmentation Project Memorandum of Understanding and Agreement that was supposed to be considered by the board in June, 2020.