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Manatee Commission says suburb may reduce flooding

The commissioners and county engineer Tom Gerstenberger talked in depth about the subdivision’s stormwater retention capability. Commissioners said they did not want to worsen conditions for Centre Lake, a subdivision in the vicinity that flooded during heavy rainfall in August 2017.

The subdivision plan calls for a 4.8-acre “stormwater management area” in the center of the development and a 7.3-acre “flood compensation area” between the homes and Pearce Canal.

Although runoff from the property could still occur from a major storm, Commissioner Misty Servia said the retention standards — which are more strict than when Centre Lake was built — should substantially lessen the amount of that runoff.

Scott Rudacille, an attorney for Belleair Capital, said the developer will construct a sidewalk to connect the subdivision with nearby Kinnan Elementary School.