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Tampa Bay most at risk of repeated flooding, says climate scientist

As sea levels continue to rise in Florida, repeated flooding and storm surge are major concerns for Tampa Bay.

David Hastings, a climate scientist at Eckerd College, said the region could experience some of the most severe effects of climate change. He told the civic group Cafe Con Tampa on Friday that in the next 30 years, sixty-five thousand homes in Florida will flood twice a month affecting 100,000 Florida residents.

"We're predicting that there's going to be chronic inundation in many, many homes in Florida and the Tampa-St. Petersburg area is one of the hotspots for that chronic inundation," Hastings said.

Hurricanes and storm surge will become more intense as the ocean warms and sea levels rise in Florida. Hastings said water from warmer oceans will evaporate, creating more energy in the atmosphere and resulting in more severe hurricanes.

While people think hurricane winds cause the most damage, he said storm surge is the bigger concern for residents in Tampa Bay.