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Mosaic sinkhole finally closed, almost two years later

Two years after it swallowed 215M gallons of polluted water, a Mosaic sinkhole is finally corked

Nearly two years after a massive sinkhole opened at Mosaic’s Mulberry phosphate processing plant, a company spokeswoman says it has been sealed at last and will be completely filled by the end of May.

The state Department of Environmental Protection has approved demobilizing the deep drilling and grouting equipment used to fill the chasm "since the sinkhole now is sealed in accordance with the consent order requirements," said Mosaic spokeswoman Jackie Barron, which a DEP official confirmed.

All that’s left is some cosmetic work, Barron said.

"We’re currently working to fill the upper portion of the cavity, close the opening and level the surface," she said, predicting that would be done in the next two weeks.

This was no ordinary sinkhole. It was viewed at first as a potential threat to the area’s water supply, and the way it was revealed prompted Gov. Rick Scott to push for a change in state law.