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Lake Wire shoreline enhancement project to begin soon

Shoreline enhancement project will include wetland plant species

LAKELAND – The City of Lakeland will be installing native wetland plants along the shoreline of Lake Wire as part of ongoing lakeshore improvement efforts. The project includes the planting of White Water Lily, Gulf Coast Spikerush and Pickerelweed along the southeastern shoreline of Lake Wire. The plants are being installed to preserve the shoreline, improve lake water quality, improve wildlife habitat and increase the diversity of aquatic vegetation.

Planting activities will be done by Florida Native Nursery over the next few weeks. There is a total of 350 linear feet of shoreline that will be planted at the cost of $3,065. The project is completely funded through the Lakes & Stormwater Capital Improvement Plan. The project area will be routinely monitored and managed throughout the plant establishment period.