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Bradenton area could lose $25.4 billion in homes due to climate change

BRADENTON – In the next century, nearly 40,000 homes in the Bradenton metropolitan area could be underwater because of climate change.

In a study published last month by real estate marketplace Zillow, Bradenton was listed ninth out of 10 areas across the country that will have the most houses submerged by rising seas. Miami, Tampa, Fort Myers and Naples were also listed.

Using data from Zillow’s median home value and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the listing was determined by how many homes would be inundated by 6 feet of water, what percentage of the cities’ homes would be underwater and the values of the homes that would be lost.

The amount of ocean rise projected for 2100 could sink $25.4 billion worth of homes in the 15 municipalities and unincorporated areas of the Bradenton area it studied from Terra Ceia to North Port.