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Erosion may send homeowner to bank in Lakewood Ranch

For more than six years, Stuart Siegel has worried about how the Braden River has been creeping toward his property line.

Now Siegel, a resident of the Summerfield Bluffs neighborhood on River Bluffs Circle, is challenging supervisors on the Lakewood Ranch Community Development District 1 board to take action.

The river bank near his property has slowly eroded, with land crumbling down a 10-foot drop as the river erodes the bank.

“It’s systemic,” he said of the problem. “It’s all along the river.”

CDD 1 supervisors are exploring ways to help residents in Summerfield Bluffs who, like Siegel, might have property eroded by the flow of the river. Up to nine homes eventually could be effected by erosion, although most are situated farther from the river than Siegel’s home.