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Soggy Longbeach Village looks for drainage solutions

Terri and Mark Fishman have been renting a home in the 600 block of Linley Street in Longbeach Village, a block west of Sarasota Bay, the past two years while building a new home.

Street flooding is a problem, especially during a heavy storm.

“Water has come up to the steps, but it didn’t come into the house,” said Terri Fishman.

It could soon unless something is done, town officials say.

Commissioner Ed Zunz, who lives in Longbeach Village, said he has been stranded indoors when roads flood, since driving in 6 inches of saltwater can mean the end of a vehicle.

“This is a very serious problem,” said Zunz. “It needs to be dealt with. You have an entire village at risk.”

To that end, the town paid $35,940 to Venice-based DMK Associates Inc. to evaluate the stormwater system in the Village and suggest solutions.