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Lake Seminole’s road to restoration has been a long one

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An article in this month's Florida LAKEWATCH newsletter by Pinellas County Senior Environmental Scientist Rob Burnes recounts the planning and execution of restoration projects aimed at improving Lake Seminole's water quality, going back to the 1960s.

Originally a swampy tidal embayment, Lake Seminole is now a hyper-eutrophic lake suffering from an overabundance of nutrients that come from stormwater runoff from its urban, residential and commercial watershed. The article discusses the lake's history and background, as well as past, present, and future restoration efforts. Coming soon will be projects to remove mucky, nutrient-laden sediment from the bottom of the lake, and to develop a schedule for using the existing outfall control structure at the south end of the lake to manipulate the lake's water level, increasing flushing and dilution actions and controlling nuisance aquatic vegetation.

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