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St. Pete City Council approves biosolids project funding

St. Pete City Council approved approximately $67 million for upgrades to the city’s biosolids program. The Biosolids and Waste to Energy Project is expected to make the city’s wastewater treatment procedures more sustainable and come with significant savings.

“The Biosolids and Waste to Energy Project will provide a means to produce a sustainable Class A biosolids suitable for use as a soil amendment, reduce operational costs for biosolids processing by consolidating operations at the [Southwest Water Reclamation Facility], provide needed replacement of worn and obsolete equipment, produce renewable biogas fuel to power vehicles and produce electrical energy for facility operations, and reduce the city’s carbon footprint,” a City Council supplement on the issue read.

The vote included five separate expenditures, the largest of which is to the Haskell Company for just under $65 million, designating the company as the project’s "Construction Manager at Risk".

A second amendment to the construction manager at risk agreement with the Haskell Company with a GMP just under $65 million. Another $1.6 million will go to the company Brown and Caldwell for construction phase services. The rest of the planned expenditures on the project will go to other construction services from AECOM, Black and Veatch Corporation and Carollo Engineers.