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Canal dredging efforts begin for Anclote River channel

A newly established Marine Commerce Committee will lead the efforts to raise funds and support to dredge the Anclote River Federal Channel needed to keep Tarpon Springs working waterfront alive and well.

Tarpon Springs Commissioners unanimously supported a resolution Dec. 1, requesting assistance for the maintenance dredging. While supporting the need for new dredging, commissioners discussed the merits of a formalized committee, who would advise and directly report to the commissioners on the issue, versus using the expertise of Tarpon Springs residents in an informal way.

An informal group of residents led the charge for the channel to be dredged in the 1990s, resulting in a project that spanned from 1994 to 1999. Many of those involved in the last push have voiced their concerns for the process to begin again soon and requested the resolution that the commissioners passed Dec. 1. The commissioners expressed thanks for their enthusiasm.

“There’s no way this dredge would get done without people that are invested in the city, that are sitting here tonight coming forward and volunteering their skills,” Commissioner David Banther said.