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Two Clearwater utility projects recognized

CLEARWATER – Two significant utilities projects that were completed in cooperation with the Southwest Florida Water Management District have been recognized with three awards given by important industry groups that celebrate the successes of innovation, local government and water quality. The awards are:

• Outstanding Achievement in Local Government Innovation: Clearwater’s Groundwater Replenishment Pilot Project. Given by Transforming Local Government’s Alliance for Innovation.

• Future of the Region Award: Honorable Mention in “Public Education” Category for Clearwater’s Groundwater Replenishment Pilot Project. Given by Tampa Bay Regional Planning Council to recognize outstanding achievement and contribution to benefit the community and exemplify regionalism.

• Public Works Project of the Year 2015, Category “Environment – Projects $5 million to less than $25 million”: Clearwater’s Reverse-Osmosis Water Treatment Plant No. 2. Given by American Public Works Association – Florida Chapter to promote excellence in the management and administration of public works projects, recognizing the alliance between the managing agency, contractor, consultant and cooperative achievements.

“The Public Utilities department works hard to ensure that Clearwater residents receive high quality water for all their needs,” said David Porter, Interim Director of Public Utilities. “Water is our most valuable resource and our team does all it can to conserve and protect our water supply.”

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