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Now on the Tampa Bay Water Atlas: Frogs, toads, and the Hillsborough River Watershed!

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The Tampa Bay Water Atlas is now the home of two new features, the Frog Listening Network and the Hillsborough River Watershed Alliance website.

The Hillsborough River Watershed Alliance, a public-private, non-profit program, was formed in 1992 as an innovative partnership between federal, state and local governments and agencies, environmental and civic organizations, and numerous citizens dedicated to protecting the natural resources of the Hillsborough River watershed. The HRWA is the only non-profit organization that dedicates its entire energies to the Hillsborough River watershed, an expansive and fragile ecosystem that flows directly into Tampa Bay. Visit the HRWA website to learn about the watershed, its wildlife, and ways that you can help protect it.

The Frog Listening Network (FLN) is a volunteer-based monitoring program in which the public is trained to collect data about frog and toad populations in west-central Florida. Volunteers learn how to identify amphibians both audibly and visually. While they are easy to hear, frogs and toads are often difficult to spot visually. They are usually found in dense vegetation, they can sometimes be quite tiny, and some are very good ventriloquists. They also like to make their appearances during weather conditions that most people like to avoid such as while it is raining or after dark. So it is easier to listen for frogs rather than try to see them. Visit the site to see photos of frog and toad species and hear their calls. Then join other volunteers in contributing to the amphibian census!