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Gopher tortoise training Jan 13-16

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Wildlands Conservation will be holding its next Gopher Tortoise Authorized Agent Training January 13-16th in Venice Florida.

Please email Lance Arvidson if you are interested in attending.

These courses are offered to help meet the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) application requirements for authorized gopher tortoise agent in the following areas:
A. Gopher Tortoise Surveys
B. Marking, Transport and Release and Trapping (bucket, live trapping and hand-shovel excavation)

GT Surveying and Natural History Course (Level A):
Provides instruction and testing to meet the FWC published requirements of Authorized Gopher Tortoise Agent in Gopher Tortoise Surveys. The class also covers Basic Natural History, Safety Issues and FWC Guidelines and Permitting Requirements
2 DAYS (1 Day Classroom, 1 Day Field). Pre-class and post-class work is needed to pass this course.

Combination Course (Levels A and B):
Wildlands Conservation is offering an intensive 4 day class that will combine Course 1-A and 1-B for those that desire to be trained in Gopher Tortoise Surveys, Transport, Marking, Release, and Capture (Does NOT include Mechanical Excavation class ).
4 DAYS (2 Days Classroom, 2 Days Field). It also covers basic natural history, safety issues, recipient site management and FWC Guidelines and Permitting Requirements. Pre-class and post-class work is needed to pass this course.

More information can be found at the Wildlands Conservation website. Information about FWC requirements can be found at

Additional Contact Information

Lance Arvidson

Senior Ecologist,, Wildlands Conservation