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Clearwater OKs stormwater agreements

CLEARWATER – The city of Clearwater and the Southwest Florida Water Management District have agreed to each pay a maximum of $200,000 to revamp the Jeffords Street stormwater outfall, which currently consists of grated inlets that pour into 1,100 feet of 15-inch vitrified pipe that discharges into Clearwater Harbor.

“The system collects stormwater from the area between Magnolia Street and Jeffords Street and from Bay Avenue to St. Josephs Sound,” a staff memo to the Clearwater City Council explains. “The existing grated inlets clog up with leaves and debris, then the overflow washes the leaves and debris overland into Clearwater Harbor. The replacement of this system will provide open-throat inlets, relocate the system into the city’s right of way and improve water quality by utilizing a stormwater treatment structure to collect the leaves and debris.”

At the same time, the council approved the SFWMD agreement, the council also approved the payment of up to $1.14 million a year to Oldsmar-based Keystone Excavators to be on call when needed to provide excavation services too big to be handled by city employees.

Article written by: Lester R Dailey - TBNWeekly