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Hillsborough County announces winners of the ELAPP Calendar Photo Contest

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Hillsborough County’s Parks, Recreation and Conservation Department is proud to announce the winners of the Environmental Lands Acquisition and Protection Program (ELAPP) Calendar Photo Contest. A total of 187 photos were submitted for a contest designed to celebrate Hillsborough County’s natural beauty through photographs of Hillsborough County’s ELAPP sites.

Winning photos featured in the 2013 ELAPP Calendar were taken by the following photographers:

Donna Bollenback, featured in January
George L. Veazey, III, featured in February, April, May, July, September, November, December and the cover photo
Robert Heath, featured in March and June
Mariella Smith, featured in August
Herman Cook, featured in October
A breathtaking Bobcat photo by George L. Veazey, III (shown here) received the most public votes overall, and it will be featured, along with 25 more amazing photos, in the 2013 ELAPP Calendar.

In addition to being featured in the 2013 ELAPP Calendar, the 1st Place winner will receive a private canoe tour of Cockroach Bay Preserve, and the top winners will receive a Tampa Bay Pontoon boat tour.

To get a FREE copy of the 2013 ELAPP Calendar, go to one of the following locations.

• Lake Frances Preserve Office, 10225 Woodstock Road in Odessa
• Bell Creek Office, 10940 McMullen Road in Riverview
• Cockroach Bay Preserve Office, 3709 Gulf City Road in Ruskin

Photographers, amateurs, and professionals of all ages were invited to visit and submit photos of any of more than 60 County ELAPP sites. The photos were then posted on the County’s Facebook page and the public helped to narrow down the best ones by voting for their favorite photos. The top 34 vote-getters were then reviewed by a panel of judges who made the difficult selection of photos included in the new 2013 ELAPP Calendar.