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Enter the Hillsborough ELAPP Calendar Photo Contest!

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Celebrate Hillsborough County’s natural beauty by participating in the Environmental Lands Acquisition and Protection Program’s (ELAPP) Calendar Photo Contest that highlights Hillsborough County’s ELAPP sites. All photographers, amateurs, and professionals of all ages are invited to submit photos.

Photographs must be submitted via e-mail from July 23 – Sept. 24 to Ross Dickerson, Parks, Recreation and Conservation Department. Voting runs from July 30 – Oct. 1. Qualifying photos will be posted on the County’s Facebook Page on a weekly basis. The public can vote for the best photos.

Contest Rules:

  1. All photos must be taken at a Hillsborough County ELAPP Site. (View the list of all sites at
  2. If the photo was taken by a minor, a parent or legal guardian must submit the photo giving permission for the child to participate.
  3. The photo must be the photographer’s original work.
  4. File name must include photographer’s last name and photo title, i.e. smithnaturescene.jpg
  5. The photograph must be high resolution. Those unsure of the camera settings should set the camera
  6. to highest quality available.
  7. Photographs must be e-mailed to Ross Dickerson, Parks, Recreation and Conservation Department with the following information:
    • Photographer’s full name and age
    • Photographer’s e-mail address and phone number
    • Photograph Title
    • Name of ELAPP site where photo was taken
    • Brief description of picture location or GPS coordinates

• 1st Place - Private canoe tour of Cockroach Bay Preserve
• Top 12 Winners – Tampa Bay Pontoon boat tour

Besides being included in the 2013 ELAPP Calendar, the top 12 photos will be featured in County Center window cases, posted on the County’s website, and used in other Hillsborough County publications.

Cast Your Vote
The qualifying photos will be posted on the County’s Facebook Page at HillsboroughFL. From July 30 – Oct. 1, the public is invited to participate in selecting the best photos by clicking “Like” on their favorite photo. The Facebook photo album will be updated weekly. A panel of judges from the Parks, Recreation and Conservation Department will select up to 20 percent of the top voted photos for selection to the calendar in order to have the broadest representation from more than 60 ELAPP sites.

Copyright Release
By submitting a photograph for consideration in the County's ELAPP Calendar Photo Contest, the person sending such submission is certifying and acknowledging that:

(a) he/she is the photographer and owner of the photograph;

(b) he/she has obtained the permission of the person(s) whose image appears in the photograph to use such person's image and to publish said photograph;

(c) in the case of minor children (children under the age of 18), that the photographer has obtained the written permission of the minor child's parent or guardian to use the child's image and to publish said photograph;

(d) he/she gives Hillsborough County, Florida (the "County") permission to use, publish and print the photograph on/at the County's Facebook Page, the 2013 ELAPP Calendar, the County Center, the County's website, and other County sites, locations and publications for a period of five (5) years beginning on the date the photograph is submitted to the County for consideration in the ELAPP Calendar Photo Contest;

(e) his/her participation in the ELAPP Calendar Photo Contest is voluntary and that he/she will not receive financial compensation of any type associated with the taking, publication or marketing of the photograph; and

(f) the County's use and publication of the photograph confers no right of ownership of the photograph to the County whatsoever."

The Environmental Lands Acquisition and Protection Program (ELAPP) was established to conserve and protect those lands which have environmentally unique, irreplaceable and valued ecological resources.

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