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Hillsborough EPC Obtains Permitting Delegation

EPC Obtains State Environmental Resource Permitting Delegation for Impacts on Single Family Properties and Other Activities

Effective February 9, 2012, the Environmental Protection Commission of Hillsborough County (EPC) will be receiving partial delegation of the State Environmental Resource Permitting Program resulting, for the first time, in one stop permitting for qualifying activities in wetlands and other surface water, including sovereign submerged lands. The scope of the delegation includes the State Department of Environmental Protection’s (DEP) regulatory authority over activities within wetlands and other surface waters for activities on single family properties, docking facilities, piers, boardwalks, shore protection structures, boat ramps, navigational dredging, and other in-water activities.

After February 9, 2012, applicants will no longer submit applications to the state DEP for qualifying activities but should apply to the EPC for appropriate permits. As a result of the delegation, total application fees will either remain the same or will be decreased depending on the type of permit sought. Upon delegation the EPC will have the authority to issue one permit on behalf of the State DEP for activities that qualify and, under a previous delegation agreement, on behalf of the Tampa Port Authority for certain activities within navigable waters of Hillsborough County. For more information, please contact Mike Thompson with the EPC Wetlands Management Division at (813) 627-2600, ext. 1219.

For exempt activities previously reviewed through the FDEP “Self-Certification”, link to either the EPC Misc. Activities in Wetlands (MAIW) or EPC/TPA Minor Work Permit (MWP) applications. This delegation enables EPC to issue permits that will include these FDEP exemptions.